Learn A New Language Mouse Pad


Ever at a loss for words?  So angry you cannot speak?  Wish you knew cuss words in another language?  Well, here you have a mouse pad suitable for any of the occasions above.   Just point to a particular word.  Arguing with your significant other and the children are in the same room, just point.  This  mouse pad contains some popular words often used by a few Puerto Rican people.  Just point to a particular word, don’t use as a weapon.  ?

This pad is fashionable and can be printed with personal photos, company logos, and other images you like for promotions, gifts, personal keepsakes, artwork showcasing, etc. They are ideal mouse pad for customization.

When liquid splashes on the pad, it will form into water drops and slide down. It’s easy to clean and will not delay your work or game.

Anti-slip natural rubber base can firmly grip the desktop. Premium soft material for your comfort and mouse-control.

Weight 0.213 lbs


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