Scan N Cut…Reason for Purchase

I have none!!!

Other than being a craft addict.   I already own the Scan N Cut CM350 since HSN first offered it in a bundle.  I had/have a Cricut Explore Air 2 (among others) and paid up front for a one-year Design Space membership.  I made all my Christmas and birthday cards with it and then got the brilliant idea of selling my cards.  I quickly realized that you cannot sell any cards made with images acquired from Design Space and made the decision to buy the Scan N Cut.

Around the same time, I became addicted to die cutting, bought so many, I became overwhelmed when needing to make a card.  I set the CM350 aside and when needed used the Cricut Maker (yeah, I said I am an addict!!!) for cutting simple layers.

Well, like any other “craft addict” I discovered SVG files, bought a few usb flash drives full of wonderful cut files and now use Design Space more than my dies.

Oh my, here comes “Brother” and makes the Scan N Cut SDX.  It is quieter, it has an “auto blade” that detects the material and sets the pressure and speed accordingly.  So, I talked myself into buying it and now am faced with the decision of keeping it or sending it back.

Loading the Mat

Loading the mat is very easy.  Hold the mat up to the rollers and press the Load/Unload Mat button.

First thing I noticed was the difference in noise.  The SDX is so much quieter.

Cutting File

I choose a quick tab for cutting, adjusted both files to cut at the same size.

The CM350 finished first, but I believe it is because the SDX was verifying the material thickness and adjusting the blade before cutting the file.


I used the smallest of the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill.

Both machines took the same amount of time, the CM350 missed a few spots.  Was user error, I did not verify position of image before starting.

Very satisfied with the results.  The quills are not going back!!!

Scanning and Cutting

This test was not very accurate as I think the scanning sensors on the CM350 need to be cleaned.

What I found was that the SDX detected the image better than the CM350.  I believe you still have to tweak the images on both cutters.

I like to think that I am keeping the cutter, however this is the second one I purchased from HSN within the last month.  The first one was a total dud.  I like to design using the Scan N Cut Canvas Workspace then transmit via WiFi to the machine and the first machine worked only once, the subsequent times it would not transmit or accept any designs via any available methods.

With the second machine I find that I have to transmit 2-3 times or shut off and turn on machine before it takes.  So, I will try it another week before I make my final decision.  Although, I must say I am sold on the machine and if it works, the Maker will be taking a long vacation.